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Vivid's Covid-19 operations and policies


We will be temporarily closing to help slow the spread of Covid-19. For right now, we are starting with 2 weeks but will keep you posted when we have a reopen date. Thanks and stay healthy!

1. We will be calling you the morning of your appointment to make sure you are not sick before coming in. Please answer all of our questions honestly, as not to endanger our lives or the lives of our loved ones for a tattoo.
2. All tattoos and piercings will be done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We will not be accepting any walk ins. Period. We will also not be performing any oral piercings for a long while.
3. When you do come in for your appointment, come ALONE. No one else will be allowed in the shop with you. If this is a problem, call us and we will reschedule you. When you get to the shop, stay in your car and call us to let us know you are here and we will unlock the door to let you in. Yep. We are that serious.
4. We will be doing all consultations via email. Please email the artist you wish to speak to. Our emails are our names followed by If you don’t have a particular artist in mind, you can email Sarah.
5. Our artists will have the discretion to remove anyone from the shop that looks or acts sick. If you show up and you are sick and we ask you to leave, you will not get your deposit back and you will be banned from the shop for good.
6. While you are here, please wash your hands when you arrive and before you fill out your paperwork, every time you touch your face, or use the restroom. This is for our safety and for yours. It’s not that hard. We have to do it everyday.

 I apologize for all the strict rules, but we are doing our best to serve you and not spread the disease. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at and I will keep the website and social media updated with any new changes. Thanks and stay healthy!

About Vivid


At Vivid Tattoo our award winning artists are committed to creating quality artwork that is custom designed to fit your individual style. We are Knoxville's only all female staff tattoo shop, and take pride in our open, welcoming, and clean environment. Stop by anytime and see for yourself why we've been voted Knoxville's Finest!



Due to the complex nature of tattooing, we are unable to provide quotes via phone or email. You may stop by any time for a consultation and personal quote during our regular business hours.  Shop minimum for tattoos is $100. All tattoo appointments require a $100 non-refundable deposit, made in person at the shop, in the form of cash or credit card.  This $100 will hold your appointment spot and cover your drawing fees.  The $100 will come off of the price of the tattoo when you get it done. If you need to reschedule, please do so as soon as possible.  If you don't show up, don't give 48 hour notice to reschedule, or are more than 15 minutes late and we have to reschedule, you have to put down another $100.  You must be 18 to get tattooed in the state of Tennessee and present a valid state ID. 




Piercing prices include standard, pre-sterilized jewelry and aftercare solution (excluding tongue and female genital).

  • Standard ear/cartilage $40 for one, $20 for all additional
  • Nose $40 (standard hoop or your choice of gemstone stud)
  • Navel $40
  • Eyebrow $40
  • Nipples $60 for one, $80 for both
  • Lips $60 for one, $20 for additional
  • Industrial $60
  • Tongue $60
  • Female genital $80
  • None of our artists perform septums or male genital piercings.

 Vivid Tattoo will perform only the following piercings on minors age 15 to 18: navels, ears/cartilage, eyebrows, nostrils, tongue, labrets/monroes/lips. 

We will perform ear lobe piercing on minors age 6 and up.  We will not perform any other piercings on anyone under 18, even with parent’s permission.

Parents must be in the shop with the minor at all times.

We have release forms that the parent must fill out. We will make a copy of the parent’s driver’s license on the back of the release form, if the parent does not have a driver’s license or state issued ID card, we will not pierce the minor. The Health Department also requires that we copy a birth certificate or state issued ID for the minor. If the last names of the parent/guardian and minor are different, then a proof of guardianship will be required.

Vivid is now taking resumes for an apprentice

How to apply...

Do you have artist talent, good people skills, and a great work ethic? Do you want to put those things to work in an exciting career in tattooing? Call the shop and set up a time to meet with Sarah. Bring your portfolio of artwork and your resume with you when you come and I will explain what an apprenticeship with Vivid entails after looking over your resume and portfolio. 

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